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Ajo & Oregano

Ajo y Oregano located at 1556 A White Plains Road, Bronx, NY 10462 serves up traditional style Dominican Food. For many of our patrons, we offer an escape from the busy New York lifestyle back to the home roots of the Dominican Republic. The campo style theme decor and the traditional D.R. dishes bring individuals from all over the country continuing to come back for more. If you're looking to satisfy your cravings for authentic, delicious Dominican food - stop in or order online. Either way, we look forward to serving you!
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What Our Customers Says!

  • 5 star ratingENVER amigo you have seriously outdone yourself with this Bronx Dive! Let's just say we were running late for breakfast and traditionally in the Dominican republic we usually eat mangu... read more

    Betsy M. Avatar
    Betsy M.

    5 star ratingOne of the best Dominican restaurants in the city, although apparently it's pretty new. While it took a while to be seated (place was packed around 2pm), the servers were... read more

    Sarah K. Avatar
    Sarah K.

    4 star ratingThe food ia great....love the decor feels like you in a small restaurant in the campo..from the food being served in small calderos..to the wall having dominican campo style windows..to... read more

    Beba M. Avatar
    Beba M.
  • 5 star ratingThis place is so unique. Brings me back to my country Dominican Republic, from their decoration to where they serve the food ( traditional pots) and to the little box... read more

    Maria D. Avatar
    Maria D.

    5 star ratingFound this gem on News12 the Bronx.
    Just left with my to go order since it was really busy. The decor is beautiful and it has such a great vibe. The...
    read more

    Sophia R. Avatar
    Sophia R.

    4 star ratingThis place is a true hidden gem!!! The restaurant's decor is so cute, however the place itself is small, so don't expect to be seated righted away after 5PM. The... read more

    Jes M. Avatar
    Jes M.
  • 5 star ratingSaw this place on instagram food always looked amazing so it was a must try for me. Drove down from New Rochelle earlier today ordered the pollo guisado and black... read more

    Melissa C. Avatar
    Melissa C.

    4 star ratingAfter heard so much good things about this restaurant I decide to check it out. At soon you come inside, the brights colors and the decor said "hi, a piece... read more

    sheyla v. Avatar
    sheyla v.

    5 star ratingLet me start by saying this !! * A true Gem hidden in the Bronx *
    Hands down to the creator of this place , the concept is absolutely beautiful!...
    read more

    Arianne M. Avatar
    Arianne M.
  • 5 star ratingI discovered ajo y oregano on Instagram, I kept seeing amazing pictures of the food from this place but they were not open yet, so I had this... read more

    Zulay A. Avatar
    Zulay A.

    4 star ratingToday I got the opportunity to dine in. They were no less busy then any other time I just decided to wait because I didn't want to do take out... read more

    Shoshana R. Avatar
    Shoshana R.

    4 star ratingOoo this is definitely a Bronx gem!! What a shame it's such a small place but it does not lack in anything else! I tried the Shrimp Mofongo and Fogonsito... read more

    Ginelle V. Avatar
    Ginelle V.
  • 4 star ratingThe food is flat out awesome. I had pernil with morro and it tasted much better than more expensive restaurants that i've been too. It comes served in these cute... read more

    Chris A. Avatar
    Chris A.